Each State Board of Cosmetology has their own cosmetology license requirements. Learn how to apply for a new license, renew an existing one, reactivate an expired license or need to transfer your license from one state to another through the license reciprocity process. Additionally, if available, we try to provide information on other topics including how to apply or renew a shop or salon license, what school training hours are required to be considered for licensure in each state and more.

Find out what you need to do if your license was lost or stolen, or if you need to update the information on the license like your name or address, or if you need to order a duplicate license copy. If you were unable to find the information you were looking under the cosmetology license requirements page for your state, or if you have additional questions, then we recommend you contact the Board of Cosmetology in your state.

Cosmetology License Information By State

To find out the cosmetology license requirements setup by the board, select a state below.

Salon Consumer Tip

Make sure the person providing services holds the proper license. The law requires that the license is displayed for public viewing. You should see a license displayed on the wall as you enter the salon or an individual's station. If you don't see it, it's okay to inquire about the license. The type of license should be for a cosmetologist or nail technician. Any other license does not cover those services. If someone refuses to talk about a license or won't produce it, that's an immediate red flag. It's very possible the person is not licensed to perform the service.