If you are looking to jump into the cosmetology industry, then you most likely already know what you want to do. So the next step would be to look at what college to go to that will help teach you in the field you want to work in. Wether you want to work as a nail technician, hairdresser, body art or work in another field, finding the best beauty school is a top priority.

We have a list of cosmetology schools found throughout the United States. To start looking for a college near you to attend, select your state below. We provide the college name, their address and contact information. We recommend you find a few colleges and do research on them. Look for reviews online from past students, see how each cosmetology school ranks compared to other schools.

Once you find the ones you like, the next step is to contact them and request additional information. In most cases colleges have documentation/brochures to send to you so you can see what they have to offer. If you don't make a lot of money, check out their financial offerings. You might qualify for scholarships to help offset some of the cost, or qualify for financial aid. Take your time, don't rush to make a decision because finding the right school can go a long way in helping you land a career after graduation.

Cosmetology Beauty School Tip

Focus on building relationships. One of the biggest benefits of going to beauty school is that students will get to mingle with beauty professionals. These professionals may be able to give students work or job leads in the future. Even the student's peers may wind up in high-profile beauty jobs. Therefore it is wise to use the time in beauty school to build relationships with other students, teachers and industry professionals.