This site provides a list of nail salons found throughout the United States. We provide information for each salon listed including the street address, phone number, hours of operations, consumer tips to help you make a better decision on what salon to use, and if available, the services each nail salon offers. We recommend before visiting any salon, that you check the nail technicians or cosmetologists license.

Most state boards of cosmetology have the ability to look up a license online. To find out how to verify a license, find the cosmetology board in your state. If you had an issue at one of the salons listed on here and would like to file a complaint, you would need to do so through the board of cosmetology in the state the nail salon is located in. If you are looking for a local salon near you, then you can select your state below, or you can use our Salon Search page to search for all salons near your address.

Salon Consumer Tip

If you are getting a pedicure, try not to shave your legs 24 hours prior to the service. This reduces your chance of infection from a dirty tool or item used during your service. Be wary of any provider or salon who provides services that are painful or damage your skin or nails, uses something to "pry off" artificial nails, does not use a clean, freshly laundered or disposable towel. Does not post a current license or will not show it when asked to see it, sticks fingers directly into jars or containers or does not ask about your health (client consultation) before performing services.