This page provides information for Texas license requirements including how to apply for a new license, renew an existing one, reactivate an expired license and Texas license reciprocity for when you need to transfer a license to this state or out of state. If available, we provide other useful information such as cosmetology school hours requirements, how to apply for additional license for professions like manicurists, nail technicians, instructors etc. If you did not find the answer you were looking for on this page or if you have questions or issues pertaining to cosmetology, then we recommend you contact the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations.

Texas Cosmetology License Verification

If you need to verify a license for a salon or person, then you can do so by visiting the Texas Board of Cosmetology license verification website. From there you can search for the person or business and see if there are any disciplinary actions on record. This will allow you to make an informed decision about the person and or business providing your service.

Texas Cosmetology/Barber License

  • To apply for an initial Cosmetology license or renew an existing license, click here
  • To apply for an initial Barber license or renew an existing license, click here
  • To change the contact information, including name or address, on your license, click here
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Continuing Education Providers for Cosmetologists

Those licensees with licenses expiring after September 1, 2012 will be required to complete four hours of TDLR approved continuing education in the following manner: one hour of sanitation, three hours of cosmetology related topics. Instructor licensees must complete one hour of sanitation, and three hours in methods of teaching or two hours in sanitation and two hours in methods of teaching (this option expires September 1, 2014).

A licensee who is at least 65 years old and has held a cosmetology license for at least 15 years is required to complete one hour of continuing education in sanitation. Courses must be TDLR-approved courses. Each year the provider must renew their registration in order to offer continuing education courses. Course approvals are valid for one year, assuming the provider's approval remains current throughout that time.

New continuing education courses must be approved by the Department before being offered. The provider will need to submit a course approval application prior to scheduling of any courses/seminars, a timed topic outline, the course material, and the required course approval fee. Please note the following policy regarding the filing of forms which collect a person's individual information:

An individual who completes and files this form with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (the Department) is entitled to the following from the Department:

Please note that the reporting of continuing education hours is the responsibility of the continuing education provider. Licensees may check their hours at the Continuing Education Courses Look Up. If the hours have not been reported, the licensee should contact the provider first to ensure that the hours are reported. If the reporting issue is not resolved, they have the option of filing a complaint.

Request for Information:

Phone: 512-463-6599
Toll Free: 800-803-9202
Fax: 512-463-1512

Massage Therapy Continuing Education Provider Approval

To become approved as a massage therapy continuing education provider, you will need to submit a completed Continuing Education Provider Application along with the required fee of $200, and all requirements must be met. A brief description of the capability in developing and instructing continuing education courses will be required along with a business plan with clearly defined purposes such as policies on inclement weather, refunds and cancellations.

Instructor Requirements
  • Massage therapy techniques and courses involving the manipulation of soft tissue must be taught or presented by a licensed massage therapy instructor
  • Advanced massage therapy or bodywork techniques must be taught or presented by persons with licensure, registration or education in the technique being presented
  • Courses, other than techniques, may be taught or presented by persons with licensure, registration, education or practical experience in the subject being presented
Curriculum Requirements

For a detailed explanation of the types of instruction that courses must contain, please see the Curriculum Requirements section of the Continuing Education Requirements for Massage Therapists and Instructors page as well as the Massage Therapy Administrative Rules.

Pre-Approval of Course Curriculum

The department does not pre-approve continuing education programs. It is your responsibility as an approved provider to read and understand the Massage Therapy Administrative Rules. You are subject to random audit concerning the courses you provide.

Student Attendance Records

Approved providers are required to maintain attendance records of all continuing education activities for a period of 5 years. Approved provider must also issue a certificate of attendance to each participant in a course program. The certificate of attendance shall contain:

  • The name of the approved provider and approval number
  • The name of the participant
  • The title of the program
  • The number of credit hours given
  • The subject(s) included in the program
  • The date and place of the program
  • The signature of the approved provider

The department may audit approved providers for compliance with the Massage Therapy Administrative Rules.

Renewal of Approval

Continuing education providers will receive a renewal notice via regular mail at their address of record prior to their approval expiration date. Providers must return the renewal notice along with the designated fee before the approval expiration date. Provider renewals postmarked after the expiration date will not be able to renew and will be required to submit an new application for CE provider approval. If you do not receive a renewal notice, please contact

Texas Cosmetology School Hours

Type Requirements
Cosmetologist License 1500 Hours (operator License)
Barber License 1500 Hours (class A)
Esthetician License 750 Hours
Nail Technician License 600 Hours
Electrologist License Contact State Health & Human Services (888-963-7111)
Cosmetology Instructor License Operator License + 750 Hours Or 1 Year Work Experience + 500 Hours
Massage Therapist License 500 Hours
Administrative Penalty Online Payment

If you need to pay a penalty, you can do so online here.