The Rhode Island Board Of Cosmetology is in charge of enforcing laws and regulations through inspections, investigation into complaints submitted by consumers and conducts hearings, imposes penalties and enforces actions when they deem necessary. Through education and the enforcement of the cosmetology laws in RI, the state board ensures the safety, welfare and public health by regulating the salons, schools and individuals who practice cosmetology. The list of the board members who are part of the Rhode Island Barbering, Hairdressing and Cosmetology are listed below:

State Board Members

Stephen J. Beaman
Erin K Bradford
Vincenzo Carnevale
Normand A. Demers
Beverly Greco
Bryant O'Neill
Karen M. Silva

They also issue licenses for to individuals who qualify for reciprocity or through the state boards administration of a written and practical examination to schools and salons. To find out how to apply for a new license, renew an existing one or find out how many hours for cosmetology license in Rhode Island, check out the Rhode Island Cosmetology License page for additional information. The list of categories the state board issues licenses for are below:

  • Available License Categories
  • Barbers
  • Electrologist
  • Esthetician
  • Hairdresser
  • Cosmetician
  • Manicurist
  • Instructors

If you need to obtain a cosmetology license, renew an existing one, or want to open up a salon or go to school, then in most cases there are fees involved. We list all available fees for this state below. We recommend to call the Rhode Island State Board Of Cosmetology if you cannot find the fee information you are looking for below, or if you need to know how to pay your fees and what type of payments they accept.

License Type Fee
Barber: Application by Examination $25
Barber: Application by Verification (Endorsement) $25
Barber: Reexamination $25
Barber: Renewal $25
Barber: Reinstatement
(added to base renewal fee)
Barber: 90 Day Temporary Permit $25 for each renewal cycle lapsed to a maximum of $100
Barber Instructor: Application by Examination $25
Barber Instructor: Application by Verification $25
Barber Instructor: Reexamination $25
Barber Instructor: Renewal $25
Barber Instructor: Reinstatement
(added to base renewal fee)
$25 for each renewal cycle lapsed to a maximum of $100
Barber Shop: Initial License $170
Barber Shop: Initial Fee per Licensed Chair/Station
(added to base Barber Shop)
Barber Shop: Renewal $170
Demonstrator's Permit (all categories) $90
Esthetician: Application by Examination $25
Esthetician: Application by Verification $25
Esthetician: Reexamination $25
Esthetician: Renewal $25
Esthetician: Reinstatement
(added to base renewal fee)
$25 for each renewal cycle lapsed to a maximum of $100
Esthetician: 90 Day Temporary Permit $25
Esthetician Instructor: Application by Examination $25
Esthetician Instructor: Application by Verification
Esthetician Instructor: Reexamination $25
Esthetician Instructor: Renewal $25
Esthetics Shop: Initial License $170
Esthetics Shop: Initial Fee per Licensed Chair/Station
(added to base Esthetics Shop license fee)
Esthetics Shop: Renewal $170
Hairdresser/Cosmetologist: Application by Examination $25
Hairdresser/Cosmetologist: Application by Verification
Hairdresser/Cosmetologist: Reexamination $25
Hairdresser/Cosmetologist: Renewal $25
Hairdresser/Cosmetologist: Reinstatement
(added to base renewal fee)
$25 for each renewal cycle lapsed to a maximum of $100
Esthetician Instructor: Reinstatement
(added to base renewal fee)
$25 for each renewal cycle lapsed to a maximum of $100
To view the full list of fees, click here

Rhode Island Cosmetology License Lookup

If you are planning to setup an appointment with a local salon, it is recommended that you first verify the professional or business license. You can do that online for the state of Rhode Island by visiting From there you can search for the person or business and see if there are any disciplinary actions on record. This will allow you to make an informed decision about the person and or business providing your service.

Filing a Complaint

Part of the duties of the Rhode Island Barbering, Hairdressing and Cosmetology is receiving and investigating consumer complaints involving unlawful acts which may include:

  • False advertisement
  • Violations of health
  • Deceptive statements
  • Sanitation regulations
  • Unlicensed person
  • Malpractice or incompetence

If you feel like you have experienced one of these issues listed above, or have information about a specific incident, then you would need to submit your complaint. If you have issues or questions about the complaint process outlined below, then it is recommended you contact the state board for assistance.

You can file a complaint using their online complaint form. The Department of Health takes licensee complaints seriously. They will investigate and take appropriate action against healthcare providers, and other licensees that do not comply with Department of Health standards. The state board does not investigate fee or billing disputes. If you have a financial dispute you may file a complaint with the RI Attorney General or your insurance company.

They do not investigate issues related to personality conflicts or poor customer service. If your complaint is in regards to not receiving your medical records in a timely fashion, please be sure to tell them the date you signed an Authorization for Release of Medical Records. Under Rhode Island regulations, the physician has 30 days to transfer your records. The investigation is kept strictly confidential. You cannot take a complaint back. The named licensee will be notified and provided with a copy of your complaint, unless you ask to remain anonymous. The licensee will be asked to respond to your allegations by a certain date.

Investigations may take several months, particularly if medical records or other information need to be subpoenaed. You may be requested to testify as part of the fact-finding process. The investigation may lead to:

  • No action and a closed complaint
  • A letter of concern to the licensee based on your complaint
  • Recommendation that the licensee be disciplined
  • The licensee may accept the discipline or contest the allegations which may result in an administrative hearing

Here are some tips on preparing your complaint. Make a list of things you want to say. Try your best to separate your feelings from the facts. Present the events in the order of which they happened, use dates and times if possible. When submitting your complaint, please make sure to provide copies of documents, for example contracts, letters, advertisements, sakes slips, cancelled checks, warranties and any other documentation that can support your claim. Only provide copies, keep the original copies for your own record. Please remember, the complaint should describe the event or practice which misled you. If you can, please also state why the practice was misleading.

If you still have questions or issues about your complaint or about cosmetology, then use the contact information listed below. We provide the Rhode Island Board Of Cosmetology phone number, office address and how to access their departments website.

  • State Board Office Location
  • Rhode Island Barbering, Hairdressing and Cosmetology
    Three Capitol Hill Room 205
    Providence, RI 02908

  • State Board Office Phone
  • You can reach the office by calling the Rhode Island State Board of Cosmetology phone number 401-222-4998 (TTY: 800-745-5555). Their fax number is 401-222-2158.

  • State Board Website
  • You can acccess the Rhode Island state board online by going to