The Connecticut Board Of Cosmetology is in charge of enforcing laws and regulations through inspections, investigation into complaints submitted by consumers and conducts hearings, imposes penalties and enforces actions when they deem necessary. Through education and the enforcement of the cosmetology laws in CT, the state board ensures the safety, welfare and public health by regulating the salons, schools and individuals who practice cosmetology. The list of the board members who are part of the Connecticut Department of Public Health are listed below:

State Board Members

Member Area
Peter Aiello Master Barber
Donald Carrozzella Hairdresser
Linda Duncan Public Member
Martin Gugliotti Hairdresser
Shevalle Kimber Hairdresser
Raymond Mastrangelo Master Barber
Joe Mazzoccoli Master Barber

They also issue licenses for to individuals who qualify for reciprocity or through the state boards administration of a written and practical examination to schools and salons. To find out how to apply for a new license, renew an existing one or find out how many hours for cosmetology license in Connecticut, check out the Connecticut Cosmetology License page for additional information. The list of categories the state board issues licenses for are below:

  • Available License Categories
  • Barber
  • Electrologist
  • Hairdresser
  • Tattoo Technician

If you need to obtain a cosmetology license, renew an existing one, or want to open up a salon or go to school, then in most cases there are fees involved. We list all available fees for this state below. We recommend to call the Connecticut State Board Of Cosmetology if you cannot find the fee information you are looking for below, or if you need to know how to pay your fees and what type of payments they accept.

Barber Licensing
Initial License $100
Reinstatement $100
Renewal $100
Initial Application Fee $150
Renewal Application Fee $205
Reinstatement Fee $150
Initial Application Fee $100
Renewal Application Fee $100
Reinstatement Fee $100
Tattoo Technician
Initial License $250
Reinstatement $250
Renewal $200 (Biennial)

Connecticut Cosmetology License Lookup

If you are planning to setup an appointment with a local salon, it is recommended that you first verify the professional or business license. You can do that online for the state of Connecticut by visiting From there you can search for the person or business and see if there are any disciplinary actions on record. This will allow you to make an informed decision about the person and or business providing your service.

Filing a Complaint

Part of the duties of the Connecticut Department of Public Health is receiving and investigating consumer complaints involving unlawful acts which may include:

  • False advertisement
  • Violations of health
  • Deceptive statements
  • Sanitation regulations
  • Unlicensed person
  • Malpractice or incompetence

If you feel like you have experienced one of these issues listed above, or have information about a specific incident, then you would need to submit your complaint. If you have issues or questions about the complaint process outlined below, then it is recommended you contact the state board for assistance.

The department investigates a person whom it suspects has engaged in some wrongdoing or suffers from a condition that interferes with safe practice. That person is referred to as a Respondent. The department may become aware of a Respondent from a number of different sources such as:

  • A person affected by the respondent such as a patient
  • An institution such as a hospital
  • A peer or work supervisor
  • A separate unit of the Department of Public Health
  • Notice in the media, TV, newspaper, etc
  • Filing of a civil suit
  • Another state agency such as the Drug Control Division of the Department of Consumer Protection, which has become aware of a trend in the Respondent's behavior that indicates drug diversion or excessive use of controlled substances

During an investigation of a health care practitioner a department investigator will request copies of the records pertinent to the care and services provided by the respondent. In certain instances it may be necessary for the department investigator to request consent from the complainant or the parent in order to obtain records from a practitioner. Your cooperation with this request will enable the department to conduct a thorough investigation. In the course of the investigation, a department investigator may contact witnesses and complainants in order to gather information. You may play a role in this part of the case. You can help the investigator by:

  • Sharing every detail about the situation the investigator is asking you about, no matter how minor or unrelated it may appear on the surface
  • Providing any documents that you think may be helpful. The investigator cannot ask for them if he/she does not know they exist
  • The investigator will also request a statement from the Respondent detailing his response to your allegations
  • The department may ask professionals practicing in the same field as the respondent to review the department's case
  • These professionals are referred to as consultants. At times, the use of consultants may cause a delay in the investigation due to the consultant's busy schedule at his/her own practice, as well as his/her responsibility to thoroughly evaluate the case. The reason for seeking the opinion of a consultant is to determine whether the respondent's alleged conduct falls below the standard of care for that field.

The investigation may take a few weeks or it may take longer than a year to complete. The length of time of the investigation depends on the details and the complexity of the case. The average length of time to conduct an investigation is six months. During the investigation and the prosecution of the case you may periodically contact the assigned investigator and/or attorney. They will keep you informed on the progress of the case.

The department depends on your assistance in the investigation process. The department understands that your complaint may involve sensitive medical information or other information that you may wish to remain confidential, and the department will try to protect the public disclosure of such confidential information as permitted under the state Freedom of Information laws.

Please understand that, as a public agency, other aspects of the investigation and information that you provide may be disclosable under state Freedom of Information laws should such investigation be requested by the members of the public or other investigative authorities. Accordingly, when working with the department on a case, please understand that the department may not be able to assure full confidentiality of every aspect of the complaint process under the requirements of Connecticut's laws permitting public access to records of state governmental agencies. To file a complaint you need to first download the complaint document and then fill it out. Once you filled it out, you need to then mail it in to:

State of Connecticut
Department of Public Health
Practitioner Investigations Unit
410 Capitol Avenue, MS#12HSR
P.O. Box 340308
Hartford, CT 06134-0308

Here are some tips on preparing your complaint. Make a list of things you want to say. Try your best to separate your feelings from the facts. Present the events in the order of which they happened, use dates and times if possible. When submitting your complaint, please make sure to provide copies of documents, for example contracts, letters, advertisements, sakes slips, cancelled checks, warranties and any other documentation that can support your claim. Only provide copies, keep the original copies for your own record. Please remember, the complaint should describe the event or practice which misled you. If you can, please also state why the practice was misleading.

If you still have questions or issues about your complaint or about cosmetology, then use the contact information listed below. We provide the Connecticut Board Of Cosmetology phone number, office address and how to access their departments website.

  • State Board Office Location
  • Connecticut Department of Public Health
    410 Capital Avenue MS #13PHO
    Hartford, CT 06134

  • State Board Office Phone
  • You can reach the office by calling the Connecticut State Board of Cosmetology phone number 860-509-7603 Ext: 6. Their fax number is 860-509-8457.

  • State Board Website
  • You can acccess the Connecticut state board online by going to