Below is a list of Okemah salons in Oklahoma. We provide the address, phone number, hours of operations, consumer tips to help you make a better choice for service, and if available, the services the nail salon provides. It is recommended that before visiting a nail salon, that you verify their license. For this state you can call the Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology office at 405-521-2441 and ask them to look up the business or persons license. If they do find it, then they should be able to tell you of any past disciplinary records, allowing you to make an informed decision on who can provide you service. Also, make sure the person providing services holds the proper license.

The law requires that the license is displayed for public viewing. You should see a license displayed on the wall as you enter the salon or an individual's station. If you don't see it, it's okay to inquire about the license. The type of license should be for a cosmetologist or nail technician. Any other license does not cover those services. If someone refuses to talk about a license or won't produce it, that's an immediate red flag. It's very possible the person is not licensed to perform the service.

If you already visited a Okemah nail salon in Oklahoma and had unsatisfactory service and would like to make a complaint, you can do so through the OK Cosmetology Complaint process. For most states, they allow you to submit your complaint either through an online form, or give you a link to a document where you can manually download the form, fill it out and then mail it into the state board for review.

If you cannot find a Okemah salon listed below, then you can try our Salon Search page where you can search for a nail salon nearby using your address.

Okemah Nail Salons

Pham Thuy

517 S Woody Guthrie St
Okemah, OK 74859

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Salon Consumer Tip

The cosmetologist, manicurist or aesthetician is required to wash his/her hands before starting each new client. Manicuring requires the use of chemicals (such as acetone) and salons must be properly ventilated. If you are conscious of a strong chemical odor, proper ventilation may not be in place. Observe the overall condition of the salon. It should appear clean and neat. Towels should be stored in closed cabinets, hair should be swept from the floor, and perm rods, combs and brushes should be properly sanitized. Items such as paper nail files, orangewood sticks, pumice stones, or foam flip-flops don't survive the cleaning and disinfection process. If you see that these items are used or dirty, ask for a new, clean item.