This page provides the contact information for the Future Barber College School in Lake Charles Louisiana. If you are interested in this beauty college, we suggest you research them further online. See how they rank against other cosmetology schools in Louisiana. Find out what programs they offer like barber, body artist, nail technician, esthetician, electrologist, hairdresser etc. We list additional tips that we think can be helpful in your search for a top Lake Charles beauty college in LA.

Develop a Checklist

It is useful to know what exactly you are looking for before selecting this Lake Charles cosmetology school. Go ahead and make a list of the top priorities and arrange them from the most important to least importance. For example, would you prefer a school that is big on job placement after graduation? Or one that is near by and you can easily access? Would you prefer an institution that is more affordable or one that offers more hands on training in the area you plan to get into?

This step is very beneficial because it saves you time so you can spend it doing other important things like touring a campus or researching financial aid. It also helps you to know what exactly you are looking for and not cause you to be indecisive when it is time to choose the school you will be attending. Knowing what you value the most will help narrow your search and make the process a lot smoother.

Check for Accreditation and Affiliations

Attending a beauty school in Lake Charles Louisiana that is accredited by the Department of Education is a helpful way to set yourself up as a professional. Obtaining a certification from an accredited LA cosmetology school will ensure that you have met or exceeded industry standards. Choosing a school that is also a member of the American Association of Cosmetology Schools and apart of the Chamber of Commerce in Louisiana would be a smart decision. It's just another way to associate yourself with an organization that has an excellent reputation in the community.

Tour the School Facilities

Be sure to take a tour of Future Barber College School and any other school you are interested in attending. Look for cleanliness, equipment and layout of the premises. These are all marks of a good school. The last thing you want to happen is to show up on day one and be disappointed by the quality of the premises and equipment. Get a feel for your school before you enroll to make sure it is the right fit for you and your goals set by your checklist.

Find Out Tuition Costs

One important step to find out early is the cost of tuition including the overall cost of books and cosmetology kits needed for the program you plan to enter into. Don't be shy about your financing options or available financial aid. The tuition cost should be reasonable for the budget you have available. Though do know, not all beauty schools in Louisiana are created equal. While one school may be more expensive than another, look at the quality and reputation of Future Barber College. Some beauty schools might have instruction led by experienced and well-known instructors and classes that feature state-of-the-art technology. In the long run, it just may be a smarter move to go with the more costly one for a better value. This is your career we are talking about.

Research the Cosmetology Curriculum

Be sure to investigate the curriculum and programs at Future Barber College. Ask yourself this, does the school offer training in esthetics, makeup, nail tech, hair coloring and hair styling? You want to make sure that the school offers specialized training in the areas that are of interest to you and that it meets your career goals. It is important to pay attention to the format and structure of the courses offered. Is it both instructional and hands-on? Does it offer the opportunity to work on real customers? These details contained in the curriculum are essential to your future goals and success.

Does this School Teach the Business Side?

Whether you are looking at opening up your own salon or plan on working at a well established salon, you need to know the business side of the industry you are getting into. See if the Future Barber College School offers training in advertising and marketing, customer care, money management and business operations. This will help you better prepare yourself for future business success.

In the end it comes down to what feels right to you and what fits your budget. When you finally pick your school, it is important to stay on top of things. College can be hard, especially attending cosmetology school. You need to be there each day, otherwise missing even a day can cause you to fall behind. To get started, contact Future Barber College using the information below. Good luck in your search for your cosmetology school!

  • Beauty School Address
  • Future Barber College
    3941 Ryan St # G
    Lake Charles, LA 70605

  • Beauty School Phone Number
  • The Future Barber College phone number is 337-474-0623.

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