Apply For Tennessee Cosmetology License

If you are looking to apply for a Tennessee cosmetology license or need to renew your cosmetology license in Tennessee, then we provide additional information below including the types of licenses available, educational hours needed to complete and the TN reciprocity application process. To get started with getting your license you would need to apply at the Tennessee state board of cosmetology.

Tennessee Cosmetology Licenses
  • » Esthetician
  • » Cosmetologist
  • » Electrologist
  • » Manicurist
  • » Natural Hair Stylist
  • » Shampoo Technician

Cosmetology License Requirements In Tennessee
Must be at least 16 years of age.

Tennessee School Hour Requirements
Esthetician: 750 Esthetics School Hours
Cosmetologist: 1500 Beauty School Hours
Electrologist: 600 Electrolysis Hours
Manicurist: 600 Nail School Hours
Natural Hair Stylist: 300 Beauty School Hours
Shampoo Technician: 300 Beauty School Hours

Tennessee Cosmetology License Renewal Process
Tennessee requires license renewal every two years. Continuing education hours are required only for instructors. To renew your license you need to provide the Tennessee Cosmetology Board your renewal form, renewal fee and proof of continuing education hours, if you are an instructor.

Cosmetology Reciprocity In Tennessee
No reciprocity for manicurists in Tennessee. If you are a Aesthetician applicant then you must show proof of passed board exams as well as esthetics school training. Or provide proof of five years of work experience. Cosmetology applicants must hold a current license, have completed beauty school training and have passed the board exams or have five years of work experience.