Indiana Cosmetology License Requirements

Below are the requirements on how to get a Indiana cosmetology license, renew your license or if you need to transfer your cosmetology license in Indiana to a different state. If you have questions or issues about these requirements for cosmetology, you can contact the Indiana state board of cosmetology.

Apply For Indiana Cosmetology License

Must be at least 18 years of age and must have at least 10th grade education or equivalent.

Indiana Cosmetology School Hours

Type Requirements
Cosmetologist License 1500 Hours
Barber License 1500 Hours
Esthetician License 700 Hours
Nail Technician License 450 Hours
Electrologist License 300 Hours
Cosmetology Instructor License Cosmetology License + 1000 Hours
Massage Therapist License 500 Hours

Indiana Cosmetology License Renewal

Indiana cosmetology licenses expire on August 1 every 4 years. Barber licenses expire on September 1 every 4 years. If your license has been expired more than 3 years you must re-take the practical exam to get re-licensed. Indiana charges $40 to renew your Indiana cosmetology licenses, however if you try to renew late there is an additional $50 late fee added on.

You can renew your license up to 60 days prior to its expiration, once that is done you can print out the free license card within 24-48 hours later or you can order a blue card online at $13.75. Indiana does not currently require additional cosmetology continuing education hours to renew your cosmetology license.

Indiana Cosmetology License Reciprocity

In Indians reciprocity is granted by a case by case basis depending on whether your home state has similar or equivalent education and licensing requirements. You cannot transfer if you had only attended nail school but have not worked actively with the license and this may require additional training. However for cosmetology it is acceptable to transfer a license with school hours only. Electrologists must have cosmetology or esthetician licenses to transfer.

The fee to transfer your license to Indiana will be $40 along with your completed application. If your license does not meet the same standards that Indiana requires you can instead have a minimum of 1000 hours of training plus 5 years of work history. You would need to provide a work affidavit document showing that you have worked in the field for a minimum of 5 years (500 hours per year).