Apply For Idaho Cosmetology License

If you are looking to apply for a Idaho cosmetology license or need to renew your cosmetology license in Idaho, then we provide additional information below including the types of licenses available, educational hours needed to complete and the ID reciprocity application process. To get started with getting your license you would need to apply at the Idaho state board of cosmetology.

Idaho Cosmetology Licenses
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  • » Electrology
  • » Esthetics
  • » Nail Technology

Cosmetology License Requirements In Idaho
Must be at least 16.5 years of age and must have finished at least two years of high school or equivalent.

Idaho School Hour Requirements
Cosmetology: 2000 Cosmetology School Hours (4000 Apprentice Hours)
Electrology: 500 Electrolysis Hours and 300 Skin Care Hours (1600 Apprentice Hours)
Esthetics: 600 Esthetician Hours (1200 Apprentice Hours)
Nail Technology: 400 Nail Technology Hours (800 Apprentice Hours)

Idaho Cosmetology License Renewal Process
Idaho cosmetology licenses expire on the licensees birthday each year. To renew a license you must provide the Idaho cosmetology board your renewal form and renewal fee.

Cosmetology Reciprocity In Idaho
Reciprocity granted to those applicants whose state has the same requirements or greater than Idaho. Work experience can be considered if it is within the past three years.