Hawaii Cosmetology License Requirements

Below are the requirements on how to get a Hawaii cosmetology license, renew your license or if you need to transfer your cosmetology license in Hawaii to a different state. If you have questions or issues about these requirements for cosmetology, you can contact the Hawaii state board of cosmetology.

Apply For Hawaii Cosmetology License

Must be at least 16 years of age, except barbers who is required to be at least 17 years of age. Applicant must also have a high school education or equivalent.

Hawaii Cosmetology School Hours

Type Requirements
Cosmetologist License 1800 Hours / 3600 Apprenticeship
Barber License 1500 Hours / 1500 Apprenticeship
Hairstylist License 1250 Hours / 2500 Apprenticeship
Esthetician License 600 Hours / 1200 Apprenticeship
Nail Technician License 350 Hours / 700 Apprenticeship
Electrologist License 600 Hours / 800 Apprenticeship
Cosmetology Instructor License Cosmetology License + 600 Instructor Training Hours
Massage Therapist License 570 Hours

Hawaii Cosmetology License Renewal

Hawaii cosmetology licenses require renewal every 2 years in odd numbered years by December 31. The cost to renew your license is $100. If you forfeit your license you have 3 years to re-instate it without having to meet with the Hawaii state board of cosmetology. If you are already licensed for more than 1 year you are not required to submit education verification forms.

If your license has been expired for more than 3 years you need to restore it through the board, and then you might be required to re-take the practical exam and verify education hours. Hawaii does not require cosmetology continuing education hours to renew your cosmetology license but it is highly recommended to stay current in this industry.

Hawaii Cosmetology License Reciprocity

There is no reciprocity in Hawaii. New applicants must show that they have completed similar or equivalent education and testing requirements to that of Hawaii and might be required to take the written and practical exam. Questionable issues on your application are subjective to executive officer review or board meeting by the Hawaii board of cosmetology.