Apply For Colorado Cosmetology License

The Colorado cosmetology license requirements. If you are trying to obtain a license for cosmetology, cosmetician, barber or manicurist in Colorado students must complete the requirements listed below set by the Colorado Board of Cosmetology. If you cannot find the information you are looking for on this page then we suggest to contact the state board of cosmetology. They can help answer general questions about applying for an Colorado cosmetology license.

Colorado Cosmetology License Requirements
Must be at least 16 years of age.

Colorado Beauty School Hours
Cosmetologist License: 60 Credit Hours (1800 Clock Hours)
Barber License: 50 Credit Hours (1500 Clock Hours)
Hairstylist License: 40 Credit Hours (1200 Clock Hours)
Cosmetician/esthetician License: 20 Credit Hours (600 Clock Hours)
Nail Technician License: 20 Credit Hours (600 Clock Hours)
Cosmetology Instructor License: Cosmetology License + 2 Years Experience. Application Process Depending On The School Where You Want To Teach.
Permanent Makeup Certification: Must Be Licensed Cosmetologist Or Esthetician. Advanced Training Certificate For Permanent Makeup. (132 Clock Hours)
Chemical Peel & Microdermabrasion Certification: Must Be Licensed Cosmetologist Or Esthetician. Advanced Training Certificate For Microdermabrasion (14 Hours) And Chemical Peels (24 Hours).
Massage Therapist License: 500 Hours

Colorado Cosmetology License Renewal
For people with a barber, esthetician, hairstylist and manicurist license these expire on March 31 of an even numbered year and cost to renew is $26 or $41 to reinstate. Half of the cosmetologist licenses expire on April 30 of odd numbered years and the other half expire on April 30 of even numbered years. The cost to renew these licenses are $32 or $47 to reinstate. At this time there are no continuing education hours required to renew your Colorado cosmetology license in but it is highly recommended to stay current in this industry.

Colorado Cosmetology License Reciprocity (Change or Transfer)
Colorado does licensure by endorsement. Those applying need to provide an application for licensure by endorsement, a valid cosmetology license from their home state with similar or equivalent licensing requirements and the required licensing fees. Military spouses may work in Colorado for up to 1 year with a license from another state if they have applied for a Colorado cosmetology license.